Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Leaping Horns..

Look at the variations of them! There is just a huge difference in both their curvature and width.

I am not positive, but if I was to pick one for myself, it would be the one with the strongest arc and a wide flat head...NEITHER of which I have on my 1890's Champion and Wilton saddle.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

On of Life's Little Hick-Ups...

.. I am not going to do a post today. Please go to read it and you will understand...

Friday, June 25, 2010

To Die For... Riding Costumes!

To wrap up this weeks "To Die For" venue.. I conclude with some of the most elaborate and elegant outfits I have ever seen for sidesaddle riding! Creative ideas, reflections of the past and incredible attention to DETAILS!

Just take a moment and enjoy! This one is my favorite!!! Oh - It would be worth not eating for a year to look this smart riding aside!!

The historical backdrop matches this stunning riding outfit

Just lovely.

Something so special about red against the backdrop of snow!

Wonderful Burgundy!

Hey Look - she is kind of cute too...
snicker snicker..

Thursday, June 24, 2010

To Die For..Event

...Oh - to be able to attend this event!!! I found this via one of the international sidesaddle groups I belong to.... Anyone want to go to Prague with me??? I WISH!

Those lucky ones who attend might get to see stunning outfits like this..

..and stunning exhibitions like this!!

...Wow...Just Wow... (mouth watering over here!)

Here is more information on this event:

Invitation - Czech National Sidesaddle Show 2010
place: Prague - Cisarsky ostrov, Czech Republic

Date: 20 - 22.8. 2010

We cordially invite you to the Czech National Sidesaddle Show 2010. There will be various classes and the opportunity to see many side saddle riders and supporters of riding and historical costume. The show is being organised by the Czech Ladies Side Saddle Association.
The show will take place in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, from 20th to 22nd August 2010 at Cisarsky ostrov.
UK Side Saddle Association judges have been invited to judge the various classes.

We would like to invite you and Members of your Association/ other side saddle riders to this show and would be very grateful if you could pass on the details to anyone who you may know who may be interested.

If you are interested in coming to the show, we can offer you assistance with booking reasonably priced accommodation and reasonably priced stabling of your horses in Prague. We are also offering some help with the cost of transporting horses to the show (money towards cost of the diesel for instance).

There will be language interpreters/coordinators available for you and a display area with stands (3mx3m)any Associations or businesses that would like to be represented.

For competitors, caravan and horsebox parking for is free. There are another activities on the same date you can take part in - show jumping and the Czech Championship in Baroque Riding.

The riding area is situated nearby the centre of Prague and is set into beautiful surrounding of Stromovka park and Troja chateau with a very good transport links to the centre of Prague.

Details of the classes, dressage tests and more technical information are available on our pages:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

To Die For... Painting

Ahh yes - to own a painting from (in my opinion) the world's best painter of ladies and their horses...Alfred Dedreux. I did a post on him a while back and posted a few more of his paintings along with a short biography. If you would like to see them - go to:
Just look at these lovely scenes!

..but for now, I will just continue to search for this book, which is no longer in print.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

To Die For ..Saddle!

My eyes almost crossed when I saw this saddle. Oh - words like amazing - beautiful - exqusite...just don't seem to be enough to decribe the beauty and elegance of this one piece of equipment!

..and if that was not enough - YES..that is a monogram sewn into the seat of this piece of art!

Did you happen to notice that this is an off side sidesaddle?

Monday, June 21, 2010

To Die For...

That is the topic for this week! I have a collection of pictures and items found that I could only categorize with those words!

You already know what a NUT I am for details.... well, today's picture is an example of the epitome of a well turned out horse, costume and tack! Just look at the saddle pad!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

I'll Bet You Thought...

..that after posting about sidesaddle for over 18 months, I would be running out of things to post on....


Look at these adorable coloring pages!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Funny Story - The End..Part 3 as I told you in the last of my favorite things to do is go to the local Saturday night auction. There is usually a mish-mash of items, lots of antiques and rarely any junk. Well several weeks ago, I went early so I could walk around and see what was offered that evening. Well hidden over in a corner I spied 2 beautiful bows... Not the plain jane type of bow that I used to have, but not 1 but TWO gorgeous inlaid wood..carved to lay properly in your grip..and lacquered to a brilliant shine BOWS!!!

If that did not beat all... one was a bit smaller than the if it was meant to be a husband and wife set!!!!

I was positively DROOLING! ..and if all that was not exciting enough, there was a brand new, never been used...STILL IN THE BOX set of arrows....AND (almost in happy tears by now) a box of other items INCLUDING targets, a quiver, arrow tips, strings, arm guards and much much more! "MINE" - I thought to myself!! "Finally - I get to redeem myself!!" I planted my behind down in a seat on the front row and patiently waited to bid on my redemption!

I won the set... just one look at me and the other customers were probably afraid to bid against me - I had worked myself up into such a tither! I could not wait to get home and present my gift to my husband. I carefully placed the prized possesions into the back seat of the truck and drove home.

Don had just arrived and looked curious as he saw the look on my face. We were standing in the drive way.
"I bought you something at the auction!" I told him.
"You did?" he said as he walked towards the truck.
I opened the back door and reached for the longer of the two bows. I turned and balanced it on my open palms for him to see.

"Look! Look how it is carved to fit perfectly into your hand as you hold it." I said. "Ever since I sold that archery set in the garage sale .. I felt bad because you told me that you wanted it." I continued with a look of guilt.

"What archery set?" He replied.

My heart sunk... All these years, I felt a tinge of guilt and he did not even remember??? Oh well - I thought.. I am sure he will still enjoy it.

I showed him the smaller mate to his bow and all of the accessories as he was trying to hold his... I was going on and on and on... when all of a sudden he stopped me ...

"Julie," he said..."this won't fit in my hand because I am left handed...!"


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Funny Story - Part 2

My heart sank.. I felt so bad. Don and I worked really hard and had little extra money for fun things at that time of our lives...and I just 'garage saled' something that he was interested in....

I never forgot about that.

Fast forward many many years..

I started to get interested in riding sidesaddle and all things related. On one of my internet searches for interesting things to post about, I ran accross a few sports done while riding aside. Most notably, the fox hunt.

I catalogued so many lovely pictures and storyies of Victorian ladies riding aside with thier husbands and friends while hunting the country side.. I also found a few diviations though, such as hawking and believe it or not - archery!

Take a look at these wonderful pictures:

Another thing I enjoy is going to a local auction house because you never know what you will find....

to be continued..

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Funny Story...Part 1

AS a child, I was so blessed to have parents that truly believed that it was their responsibility to expose us to as many (good) things as possible..just to widen our horizons. For example - I was presented with many many different types of food. I was "made" to try everything placed in front of me. If I did not like it after I tried it, I was never forced to eat it. Using this method though, I learned that I had my own individual tastes - likes and dislikes and felt a sense of freedom. I learned that I LOVED raw pickled fish!
This theory expanded beyond food though. I was exposed to Opera, Ballet, a multitude of Museums and sports...well some sports anyway. You see, my Father was a Neurosurgeon (Brain Surgeon) and because he saw 'horse accident' patients about once a year..(and trust me - if they had to see my Dad - it was really bad) he believed that horses were pure evil.. You can imagine what I had to go through as a child to get anywhere near a horse...and as you can see - I had horse fever really bad!!

Anyway - back to the story.. One of the things I learned (sort of) was archery. Both my brothers and I used a full size archery set my parents provided for us. I would like to think that I looked like this as I practiced...ha ha - snort snort..

Now fast forward many years. I am grown, my daughters are older and had no interest in the now very outdated archery set that I ended up with. Still in our outdoor storage room was my bow, a set of arrows and a rather tattered straw stuffed target along with tons of other misc. items that badly needed to find new homes. The 'Garage Sale' sign went up and tons of my girls old toys, boxes of clothes long ago outgrown and other household items were presented in our front yard along with the archery set. It was not long before someone gladly scooped up the set - only leaving the target behind... Overall, the sale was a great success...

..until Don got home that night. He saw the old torn up target and asked what it was.
"Oh - that is the target for my Archery set." I told him.
His face lit up as he said, "We have an archery set???"
Biting my lip and squinting my eyes I responded..."not any more.."

to be continued ..and I promise - this does have a connection to riding aside!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Here is one by Sitzendorf.

Love this one by Wein!!!

This one is made by Royal Crown. (wish I found this one before I did the post on Hawking!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Camp Leaping Horn

Camp Leaping Horn 2010 will be held in July this year, due the WEGames. Dates are: July 22, 23, and 24. Yes, that is Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On Sunday afternoon the Liberty Network will hold the fun show that usually occurs on Sunday of SS@USET weekend. How's that for being able to make the most of your time and fuel money?

SSA testing will be offered on Wednesday, July 21st. Please let me know as soon as possible/ASAP/quick-as-you-can if you intend to take riding level/grade tests or instructor exams, as I need to arrange for enough examiners at appropriate levels. Any questions on testing, just give a holler to Shelly at or 908-722-3665 . If you need a syllabus, I'll be happy to send. Those of you who have come to Camp before will find syllabi in your notebooks.

Reminder: Start NOW, don't wait, to increase your fitness as well as your horse's fitness-to-carry-a-sidesaddle. That last phrase is crucial to remember. His/her back needs to begin NOW. In 2009 everyone worked hard at and all were successful at keeping horse-backs from becoming SS-sore. This year let's work to increase the number of lessons taken aside. Make this one of your goals!

Sadly - with a 26 hour one way travel time, I cannot attend this event with Oliver. This would be my dream clinic - so if any of you are anywhere near here, I suggest you do not let this pass you by!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Trail Riding Compromise...

So lets say that you are a 'traditionalist' and while you want to trail ride aside, you don't want to wear totally modern day clothes as Lindsay is ..

...but it would be totally impractical to ride in costume though, like this rider (tee hee...)

Well, here is a STUNNING compromise for you!

I just LOVE this cross of modern day riding pants combined with a jacket that has Victorian written all over it!!! What do you think?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Most ladies believe that riding aside is elegant and charming - a wonderful reflection of the past... They are right...BUT - that does not mean that you cannot ride sidesaddle in any discipline. Yesterday I posted some beautiful hand crafted Western sidesaddles and here is another one...

..Well, here are some inspiring pictures for all of us! There is NO reason why we cannot enjoy our sidesaddles outside of the show ring and in the confines of a costume.

Now ~ Let's all go TRAIL RIDING!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

For my Western Girls...

...some real eye candy for you! A big thank you goes out to both Jessica Parker and Shannon Granger for sending me these beautiful pictures. These are new sidesaddles made by:

Friday, June 4, 2010


Several months ago I did a post with these 2 beautiful paintings included. Each represents a lady participating in the sport of hawking as she rode aside.

I happened across this stunning photo of a young lady giving an exhibition of hawking at a show.