Thursday, June 17, 2010

Funny Story - The End..Part 3 as I told you in the last of my favorite things to do is go to the local Saturday night auction. There is usually a mish-mash of items, lots of antiques and rarely any junk. Well several weeks ago, I went early so I could walk around and see what was offered that evening. Well hidden over in a corner I spied 2 beautiful bows... Not the plain jane type of bow that I used to have, but not 1 but TWO gorgeous inlaid wood..carved to lay properly in your grip..and lacquered to a brilliant shine BOWS!!!

If that did not beat all... one was a bit smaller than the if it was meant to be a husband and wife set!!!!

I was positively DROOLING! ..and if all that was not exciting enough, there was a brand new, never been used...STILL IN THE BOX set of arrows....AND (almost in happy tears by now) a box of other items INCLUDING targets, a quiver, arrow tips, strings, arm guards and much much more! "MINE" - I thought to myself!! "Finally - I get to redeem myself!!" I planted my behind down in a seat on the front row and patiently waited to bid on my redemption!

I won the set... just one look at me and the other customers were probably afraid to bid against me - I had worked myself up into such a tither! I could not wait to get home and present my gift to my husband. I carefully placed the prized possesions into the back seat of the truck and drove home.

Don had just arrived and looked curious as he saw the look on my face. We were standing in the drive way.
"I bought you something at the auction!" I told him.
"You did?" he said as he walked towards the truck.
I opened the back door and reached for the longer of the two bows. I turned and balanced it on my open palms for him to see.

"Look! Look how it is carved to fit perfectly into your hand as you hold it." I said. "Ever since I sold that archery set in the garage sale .. I felt bad because you told me that you wanted it." I continued with a look of guilt.

"What archery set?" He replied.

My heart sunk... All these years, I felt a tinge of guilt and he did not even remember??? Oh well - I thought.. I am sure he will still enjoy it.

I showed him the smaller mate to his bow and all of the accessories as he was trying to hold his... I was going on and on and on... when all of a sudden he stopped me ...

"Julie," he said..."this won't fit in my hand because I am left handed...!"



Sherry Sikstrom said...

Crap! some days a girl cant win for loosing huh? Oh well as much as you were fussing about ,he must love that you are such a sweet gal

Unknown said...

Archery is about dominant eye, not hand. I was, damn, forgotten the term ~ right-handed for some things, left for others & ambidextrous for others still, but left-eyed. Because my left hand is paralysed I can't shoot, except with a camera. That is very good as I can close my right eye & not my left, but can't close my left independently any more.

Pity it was rejected after all your delight, but that is a beautiful set. If you still have your bow, you must learn to ride & shoot.... (New blog? Riding Aside with Archery?)

*(crosslateral ~ the word came back thankfully. The RTA brain damage means I lose words)

Unknown said...

LOL thats funny but what a wonderful set!

Cygnata said...

Get him to try it anyway? My bow is made for use in either hand... so I've learned to shoot with both! :D


phaedra96 said...

Okay....this is not the end of the archery it?