Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Funny Story - Part 2

My heart sank.. I felt so bad. Don and I worked really hard and had little extra money for fun things at that time of our lives...and I just 'garage saled' something that he was interested in....

I never forgot about that.

Fast forward many many years..

I started to get interested in riding sidesaddle and all things related. On one of my internet searches for interesting things to post about, I ran accross a few sports done while riding aside. Most notably, the fox hunt.

I catalogued so many lovely pictures and storyies of Victorian ladies riding aside with thier husbands and friends while hunting the country side.. I also found a few diviations though, such as hawking and believe it or not - archery!

Take a look at these wonderful pictures:

Another thing I enjoy is going to a local auction house because you never know what you will find....

to be continued..

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panavia999 said...

I like the Lady Theodora print. I'd like that in a large image lso I could use it for my PC wallpaper. :-)