Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Funny Story...Part 1

AS a child, I was so blessed to have parents that truly believed that it was their responsibility to expose us to as many (good) things as possible..just to widen our horizons. For example - I was presented with many many different types of food. I was "made" to try everything placed in front of me. If I did not like it after I tried it, I was never forced to eat it. Using this method though, I learned that I had my own individual tastes - likes and dislikes and felt a sense of freedom. I learned that I LOVED raw pickled fish!
This theory expanded beyond food though. I was exposed to Opera, Ballet, a multitude of Museums and sports...well some sports anyway. You see, my Father was a Neurosurgeon (Brain Surgeon) and because he saw 'horse accident' patients about once a year..(and trust me - if they had to see my Dad - it was really bad) he believed that horses were pure evil.. You can imagine what I had to go through as a child to get anywhere near a horse...and as you can see - I had horse fever really bad!!

Anyway - back to the story.. One of the things I learned (sort of) was archery. Both my brothers and I used a full size archery set my parents provided for us. I would like to think that I looked like this as I practiced...ha ha - snort snort..

Now fast forward many years. I am grown, my daughters are older and had no interest in the now very outdated archery set that I ended up with. Still in our outdoor storage room was my bow, a set of arrows and a rather tattered straw stuffed target along with tons of other misc. items that badly needed to find new homes. The 'Garage Sale' sign went up and tons of my girls old toys, boxes of clothes long ago outgrown and other household items were presented in our front yard along with the archery set. It was not long before someone gladly scooped up the set - only leaving the target behind... Overall, the sale was a great success...

..until Don got home that night. He saw the old torn up target and asked what it was.
"Oh - that is the target for my Archery set." I told him.
His face lit up as he said, "We have an archery set???"
Biting my lip and squinting my eyes I responded..."not any more.."

to be continued ..and I promise - this does have a connection to riding aside!


panavia999 said...

I still have an archery set from childhood plus additional bows acquired from other people. Unfortunately, no strings at this time. What's a bale of hay for if you can't shoot arrows? Tell your girls that Geena Davis is an archery champion with a very high IQ. Maybe they'll think it's more cool.

Sherry Sikstrom said...


Anonymous said...

There is a wii archery game now, so the kids won't want all the hard work of real archery !