Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Little Antique Stirrup Collection....

..just got a wee bit larger!

This is what I have had for a few years:

I found these on E-bay as mismatched stirrups - I do not believe the owner realized what she had was 2, a Mother / Daughter sized set of sidesaddle breakaway stirrups!

This one was my first - and a gift from a sidesaddle mentor!  It means the most to me.  As a return of her kindness, I sent her one of the above stirrups!
This is a poor picture of a sweetheart stirrup.  Sadly it is bent, but still a nice representative.

Here is the modern version of the breakaway.  It is  hanging upon of my my saddles.
I know this is not truly a sidesaddle stirrup - but it is so unique and I picked it up for a song at my local antique auction.

 ..and here is my newest aquisition.  They are a bit rough in condition,l but this is the first full slipper stirrup in my collection.
Ebay can be so dangerous!.. especially when I should be looking for items for building our home.. but you know what the sidesaddle fever does to you!!

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