Wednesday, November 20, 2013

She is HOOKED!!!!

If I did not believe it for the fact that she put Oliver's picture on her birthday cake...

...well I believe it now!  This is my Grand Daughter Madison, riding Romeo, a lesson horse at her new barn: the way - her new training barn, which is the closest Saddlebred barn to them is 90 minutes away and in a different state!  Emily, our daughter, tried to take her to a hunter/jumper barn - she took 1 lesson and would have nothing more to do with it. 

My (G)baby is hooked on Saddlebreds... and soon she will also be introduced to sidesaddle. 


RiderWriter said...

Oh, boy... you've created a monster! ;) And you will enjoy every minute.

May I ask, what was it that she didn't like about H/J? Horses too boring? Emily is a real trooper if she's willing to tote Madison 90 min. each way for lessons. I have a feeling my riding career would have been very short indeed if my childhood barn had been any further away than the five minutes it was from our house, LOL!

Julie said...

Madison said the riding posture was uncomfortable to her and that she wanted to participate in horse shows, which apparently this barn did not do - or at lesast did not do for such young children.