Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Very Good Trainer...

..makes sure all the tack is nice and clean...
oversees the horse getting tacked up so both horse and rider are safe..
..knows how to tie the perfect knot...
Tells great stories to keep his nervous riders calm.. able to give a riding lesson off of the horse

Assists in getting the rider aboard her horse

..can walk and coach at the same time.. willing to run beside the rider when they warm up - even if that means running in the mud..
Will warm the horse up for the rider if needed..
Makes sure the rider gets into the show ring and stays to coach them from the side lines..
If they win, he is ready to run in to help the photographer get the perfect picture...
..and if they don't, he walks back to the barn offering words of encouragment the whole way.

...and in my case, he is even willing to show your horse if you cannot get off work to show him yourself!

Tommy Benton is an amazing horse trainer, riding coach, exhibitor and friend... and I am (by far) not the only one who knows this!!

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