Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Southeastern Charity part 2 - We Won.. but you already knew that!

So as you already know, Sport did go on to win the Open Park Championship class at this show!  I could not only not wait to tell you in order of the posts I had planned for this blog, but I could  not even wait to get my digital copy of the picture below that I purchased from Doug Shiflet!
 Sport was just amazing.  He not only moved with motion and grace, but every step was just so consistent.  He did not fuss with his head (not that he ever does that), he did not surge forward and then back off, he did not shy off of the rail.... and I was shocked how close he was to the rail considering that the stands were directly behind it.  As my daughter described him, he moves the same from step 1 to the finish!

The ribbons are just stunning and I love the show logo on the center button!  We also won a boxed surprize....

... a set of 4 etched glasses!!!  I am not sure I will ever use these - but shall display them with Sports picture instead.
You know, I used to believe that my love for horses was a curse.  I thought it was a drain on not only my finances - but also my time.  It was not until I realized that the Lord Himself - the very One who created me, gave me this passion as a GIFT and not a curse.  Once I realized that, everything started to fall into place.  The Lord led me to a mare.  He led me into a friendship and showed me the stallion to breed her to and here we have the Blessing of that GIFT!  Thank you Lord for creating me just the way you  have.  And as I pray every day - God, do not let me get in the way of any blessing you have for me today!!!

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Anonymous said...

I want to say that this post is inspiring. I have been struggling with my passion this past year, especially the last 6 months. I finally have the quality I have worked for but due to the changes in our life, money has been tight.

I hope I can find the peace you have found to make this work.