Friday, July 13, 2012

Isn't It A Shame We Are All So Busy...

Ever wonder why there were so many amazing artists 'back in the day' and so few today?  My guess is that even those who are born with a certain amount of God-given talent end up shelving it or only persuing it in their limited spare time; therefor never bringing it to maturation and manifesting works that would please even the uneducated eye. 

...sigh... I used to draw and I would bet that so many of you did as well.  I don't think I know of one horse lover who cannot draw a descent outline of an animal they have spent so many hours tracing their fingers over, whether it was to groom or in a praise gesture. 

Anyway, in a perfect heaven, I will have enough time to ride and draw and garden and .... insert every wonderful thing you can think of.  Here are some pictures of paintings and drawings I have collected from the web for a long time I thought you would enjoy.

I actually titled this picture save as "I wish I could paint!"

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