Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Introduced Sidesaddle to Yet Another...

Meet Heather!  She also takes riding lessons at Bluebonnet Farm and a lont time ago, she asked if she could one day sit in my sidesaddle just to see how it felt.  Well, Sunday monring as I was riding Chippers, who should show up but Heather.  The minute I saw her, I remembered her request and while she was taking her lesson, I had Chip resaddleed into the sidesaddle.  She was so excited to get a taste of what I am madly in love with.  Heather tried it out in the bull pen and she not only walked, but trotted, even with a bit of posting motion and she cantered a couple laps!!  You should have seen the grin on her face! 

I love sharing sidesaddle riding...and hopefully infecting others with the SS BUG!          

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