Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spectacular Saturday Night at Pin Oak!

No one and I mean no one does up Pomp and Circumstance like the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show, especially on Saturday night!

To get the evening started, Mr. Perwien warmed up Ipod for an honor he was about to receive. Here is is with his wife Ada and the head trainer, (best sidesaddle teacher EVER!!) Sandra Currier.

Opening ceremonies tonight included a carriage with 2 children aboard whom are patients at the receipient chairty for Pin Oak, Texas Childrens Hospital.

..they threw these little brown horses into the crowds.

Mr. P. as we call him, was being honored tonight. You see, he had served on the board of this wonderful show for 40 years and was finally stepping down.

Many people do not know this, but if it was not for the Perwien's..

..Pin Oak Horse Show would probably not exist anymore.

I was thrilled to see them honored this way.

..but he is no where close to retiring as an exhibitor.

It is truly a family affair..

More than a business.. it is a passion!

Ed is 80 years young..and still cute as a button!

Andalusion and Lusitano horses virtually dance in the arena with rider in heritage costume as the lead. I wish I could tell you more about this amazing performance, but I will have to just let the pictures speak for themselves. I will say though that everyone.. horse person or not LOVED this exhibition!!!

By the way.. they did jump over the fire... bit I missed getting a picture of it because I spilled red wine on my cream colored vest and was frantically trying to get it out before I had to go into the show ring. Cherryl was helping me... sadly she missed the fire jump as well.. I am so sorry Cherryl!


SmartAlex said...

So sad to see virtually empty stands at a horse show with as much history as Pin Oak.

Anonymous said...

the show is nothing like it used to be at the Pin Oak Stables on 610...the show had real character lost a lot of its charm when it moved to the Astrodome