Sunday, March 25, 2012

So Surreal...

Pin Oak Charity horse show has been without a doubt the most amazing sidesaddle showing experience of my life! It has always held a special place in my heart because this was the show my Grand Father took me to where I saw my first American Saddlebred. I have shown here before, but never sidesaddle.

Equusport was shown by Sandy on Thursday night in the 5 gaited novice horse class. I had to work that day and came to the show right afterwards. Sadly, I left home without my camera. The photographer captured some beautiful shots of them though, so when I get the proof I bought, I will post it.

Friday morning is the first class for Jose and I. It was a limited rider Show Pleasure class. I have been showing Oliver in Country Pleasure. The difference is mainly marked by 2 things. Show Pleasure horses are generally more animated than Country Pleasure horses and Show Pleasure horses are allowed to have a pad between their hoof and he shoe where Country Pleasure horses are strictly forbidden to wear any pads.

I wanted to show Jose in Country Pleasure but the decision was made to use him instead of Oliver so late and Jose was already in a shoe with a Show Pleasure it was! Since our first class was in the morning, I chose to wear the new silk skirt with the pink vest. I give this outfit 2 thumbs up!

Our class was one of the first, so I was up in the saddle early to get in a few practice rounds.

Saddle adjustments had to be made..

Once up, the show officials announced a few class changes and now there was an additional class before ours....

So we had to wait..

..and wait..

..and wait..

..and then a gate hold was announced for the class preceding ours... we decided maybe it would be a good idea to walk around a bit. First we walked around the barn area, but it was a bit congested.

So we decided to walk outside.

Outside, I could tell Jose was relaxed.

We attracted quite a crowd. People stood around taking our picture and asking me lots of questions. One lady even told me that she read my blog. I was shocked by the stir we caused. Yes - at other shows, I would always get a nice comment here and there.. but this was totally different!

..and then they finally called for my class!!!

going in, I felt a bit out of sync with Jose...until we hit the first corner and then everything fell into place.

I concentrated on what Jose and I were doing.. but looking forward, I could see the other horses were very talented.

Jose has the dreamiest canter EVER!

We changed directions and had a perfect ride.

The announcer called for the line up and we troted right in. Upon the advice of a couple of Jose's former riders, I was told he was easy to line up.. but difficult to keep him lined up...

..all proved to be true. He was such a perfect gentleman...until that is, the first place number was called. Jose jumped off of his feet and started to do a slight spin rear.. where he was jumping up and around at the same time. When I snapped the reins in the opposite direction, he started to crumple his legs, as though he was going to lay down on me! "GOOD GRIEF!!!" I thought to myself... "WHAT IS GOING ON?"

With all of the jumping around, I had failed to see that Jose was working his way to the exit gate.. in a most unfortunate manner. Thankfully all of this took place after the class was judged.

We placed third out of a class of 4. Not bad in my book. Jose has only been ridden 4 times aside and that included the class we were just in....... but for such an elegant and outstanding possible show and sidesaddle model horse... that is one major flaw. I wish I knew why at that point, he acts as though someone is opening a gate to let in the lions... and his rider is a Christian....gulp!


SillyPony said...

I do love the cream with Jose's coat. Very striking and a pleasing contrast.

Natalie said...

SOunds like Jose has learned that the deal is done, when the ribbons are handed out, and then it is 'time to go home'...s he acts up..just another version of barn sour... not sure how much time is between classes as I do not show, but my advice is from now on, he is asked to WORK a few good rounds before leaving the arena, after the lineup is done. Also, practice classes and lineups at home, with LOTS of working in the arena after the fake lineups... so he doesn't think he is 'done' after the lineups. Sounds like you had a great time otherwise though :)