Saturday, March 24, 2012

About Jose..

This post is about Jose... not me; not sidesaddle riding and not about the show.

Oh Say Can You See is his registered name. His barn name is Jose simply because the grooms pronunciation of "OH Say" sounded more like "Jose" and it just fit! He is a full blooded American Saddlebred.

Jose is a BIG gelding...really BIG!

He is a full 17 hands high without shoes and that combined with the typical long Saddlebred neck and high head carriage makes him look even taller!

Jose is a real gentleman to almost perfect ladies horse. His trot is less jarring than Oliver's but due to his sheer size, riding next to smaller horses, it appears that he is trotting higher than he is. He has a rocking horse canter that is so slow, when I first started riding him I thought he was going to quit on me with every stride.

Why you ask, do I call him the 'almost' perfect ladies horse?... well it is because he has one little show ring quirk. After the class, he happily comes into the line up, he parks out and stands wonderfully still
....BUT once the first place rider is called, he can have a bit of a tantrum if he is not the one moving out of the line up first. Now, how is that for confidence I ask you?

Yesterday morning he danced around in a circle as we were waiting for the places to be called. For one minute I thought he was going to go up on me and then the next it seems like he was going to crumple his legs and lay down...both equally naughty, especially in a sidesaddle. We all know there is no quick exit from a sidesaddle, no mater what you are wearing.

I show him again tonight - in the Championship class. I will be wearing my new black suit with an apron. There will be a lot more riders, which will mean a longer time in the line up. If you read this today, toss up a prayer for the both of us. God listens... I know that He does!

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