Monday, March 26, 2012

Show Pleasure Saturday Night Championship

I love showing in the evening! There is something a bit more special about it.. like a romantic candle lit dinner. Jose and I entered the ring and captured the judges attention.

This was going to be a very good ride. I could feel it!

The elegant show ring decor did not frighten Jose and he flat walked like a gentleman.

The judge called for the canter and as I started to give the cue, another rider cantered her horse between Jose and the wall... a mere 5 feet. Very stupid and dangerous in my humble opinion, but you always have to be aware of these types of actions when you show. This scared Jose. He shook his head and wanted to back up, but I really pushed him forward and we stayed together. I just had to exaggerate the canter cue. Off we went..

..Jose's attention was back on his job and we both relaxed.

We changed directions and there were so many people in the stands that were cheering for us. I could not help but to grin ear to ear.

These spectators are sitting in the off side seats. They are hard to get to and on the opposite end of where the food is.. the other side was quite full... including Cherryl.. who was gracious enough to photograph my class. Jose was spot on in this class.

Trotting around the corner I could see and hear Sandy.

The last flat walk ..

..and the second way canter.

We trotted into the line up..

The ring master asked up to back.

Good Boy Jose! I always lean down and kiss my horses on the mane in the line up..just to tell them thank you.

See Sandy hanging over the rail? I was all grins...

..thinking I had this in the bag. (Not referring to a blue ribbon.. but rather to keeping a handle on Jose's strange line up behavior)

Oh crap...

We lost our happy ears....

On your feet..Stay On Your Feet Jose...JOSSSSEEEE..and the rest was history. Jose did his usual song and dance and we actually backed out of the ring before our number was called. We earned 4th place out of 5 riders. I was very pleased with my ribbon although I can't help but wonder if things would have gone better if that rider had not come up beside Jose at the last minute. ..and again, I am not talking about a ribbon. The placings were already decided upon prior to that incident.

After my class, I walked from the barn area over to the stands, where they were serving a wonderful dinner. I can never eat before I show, so I was thrilled to see that the buffet was still being served. As I took my plate, I realized a group of little girls had gathered behind me. The had so many questions and wanted to see my skirt and what I wore under it to. I had so much fun talking to them and their Mother's, my dinner got cold. No matter ~ SMALL SACRIFICE!!


sidesaddle rider said...

Last time I showed Marcel and they were just about to call for the second canter. I was halfway through a corner, wide open ahead of me. Another rider trotted across the ring directly in front of us to get the better position. The canter was called and Marcel picked it up immediately. The horse ahead of us refused, started a sideways dance and bunny hopping. The rider was on the horse's neck and had lost a stirrup. Instead of going around I made the split second decision that it would be safer to stop Marcel. The horse ahead finally went charging off, but now was when the judge looked at us and Marcel was just picking it up, this time with a whack start, halfway through the canter call. He was confused because I had pulled him out of the canter last time. The other horse placed ahead of us and I admit it, I was miffed we placed lower by putting safety first.

Michelle said...

Oh wow! You're photos are just amazing! Love the habit & the horse, some of the photos are so perfect they almost look like a painting!