Friday, March 9, 2012

SASHA Country Pleasure Class in Pics

In the practice arena.
Enlarge this picture and you can see Oliver giving Sandy the stink eye!

I said, "How about a nice easy trot?"

..he said, "I prefer the jack hammer."

I said, "Please bend and loosen up.."

He said.."Uhh NO... I want to prance instead".

I said, "Okay - lets just stand here for a minute."

That lasted about 20 seconds. 'I give up' I thought.. might as well canter and blow off some steam..

Changed directions and worked on our trot.

Our class was called and off we went to the show ring.

3 steps in and I felt like I was riding a rocket.

He was popping me out of the saddle with each trot and it was all I could do to stay balanced.. forget worring about looking regal and elegant!

After the judge called for the walk and then the halt and I was able to pull my saddle back into position, Oliver lept into the canter..

Looks like Camp Town Races..

..but Oliver really was cantering at a nice pleasure pace.

walk again...

..which for us was just a series of half halts.

change directions..

..and more half halts..

picking up the trot was as easy as unfisting my fingers ..

picking up speed and motion..

..extending the trot..

..then the second direction canter.

..and here I am asking Oliver for a flat walk..

..and here is Oliver telling me NOOOO.


Walk Off.. well sort of.

..and this is the black horse that was doing the circus horse impression walking on his back legs. He beat Oliver for last place according to the audience.

One last trot ...

..and one more tantrum..

.before we head for the line up.

Ever happy a class is almost over?

Okay Oliver, just relax and stand still.




..Oh Good Grief!

..and we are out of here!

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Odinnsmeyjar said...

It's a shame he's not wearing his ears in the extension photo... That looks gorgeous aside from that! You really cant tell in some of the photos that he was being such a pill, you're riding him so well.