Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Opportunity Sidesaddle Class..

..was also on Saturday, but in the afternoon. When we went to get Oliver saddled up, he was sound asleep with his head facing the back of the stall. That alone gave me a sense of calm because if he was tired.. he would not be as anxious as he was that morning.

Since it was a Sidesaddle class and it was after 12noon, I opted to wear my top hat. I love the look it adds to this riding suit!

Hoping since this show was a dual breed show, Saddlebreds and Arabians, that there would be several horses to compete against.

I was wrong. I was alone in the class.

No matter. I still had a blast and the pressure was off.

Patti took all of these pictures..

..but I am pretty sure she watched the class and started taking pictures when they presented me with my ribbon.

I don't often get to take victory laps..

So, as you can tell..

..I enjoyed myself!

I just love the look on Sandy's face in this picture.

I don't think she will ever know how much her support and encouragement means to me in this endeavor.

I now feel totally respected in the community of the American Saddle Horse Association.

Back to the barn..

Pio is the tallest groom, so he is the one who helps me dismount.

Okay - so I don't remember this.. but I must have been doing something akin to the Happy Dance!

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