Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More About SASHA...

I am waiting for 2 disc's from my friend Patti with both pictures and a video. Patti drove over 2 hours Saturday morning just to spend the day with us and to watch me show. Now that is a huge compliment!!

But let me back up and start from the beginning.

For the first time, Don accompanied me to this show. Although he loves our horses and helps me feed and care for them (without ever complaining), he does not ride. We drove up on Thursday with Oliver in the trailer. After dropping Ollie off at the Rose Palace, we headed to the Ye Kendall Inn and checked in. To see more about this, go back a few posts. We checked into our room and got unpacked. After cleaning up a bit, we decided to go to dinner in the Kendall Inn restaurant, The Limestone Grill. We ran into Sandy, the Perweins' and another trainer named Tommy Benton, so we dined at the same table. The food was wonderful and the conversation was wonderful for any horse lover. A combination of horse talk and barn gossip!

On the way back up to our room after dinner, we ran into another trainer named Steve. He was sitting on the balcony and smoking. Rather.. smoking like a fiend!! When he saw us, all he said was, "guess what room I am staying in"? Referring to the 'haunted' room, he then told us how the radio kept turning itself on, until he relented and just left the room!

Friday morning we slept in. Don was feeling good though, so mid-morning, we walked into town and went to an adorable restaurant called The Daily Grind. A quaint little cafe', it was decorated with antique fixtures and historic photographs of the town. It was so inexpensive, I wondered how they made any money and the portions were more than generous!

We walked all around the town and I found an amazing purse for Debbie, who helped to make this trip possible by staying at our farm to care for our uncountable other 4 legged family members. We headed back to our room so Don could take a nap. I headed over to the show grounds so I could get in a practice ride on Oliver.

Oliver was his normal self at a horse show. To translate that.. it means he was wound up. He was manageable, but he made it very clear he did not want to flat walk, a gait that is mandatory for a Country Pleasure class.. hence the "pleasure" part of that title! We made the decision to give him plenty of warm up time Saturday morning.

I returned to the hotel with enough time to get ready for the TASHA/SASHA high point award dinner. Don was feeling good enough to go with me, but we decided to only attend the dinner and forgo the awards ceremony. It was held on the Rose Palace show grounds at a restaurant called The Scenic Loop Cafe. The food was WONDERFUL! I wish we could have stayed longer.. but I wanted Don to feel good enough to be able to stay at the show grounds all day Saturday.. so back to the hotel we went.

Here are a few pictures of the restaurant:

For those of you who do not know, my husband is currently on a 12 month treatment for Hepatitis C. The drugs he is taking make him very tired and without notice he can get very ill. He is unable to work, but everything is working and we are sure he is cured from this awful disease. be continued

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