Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A "Bit of SASHA..

A blog friend, Joy Hohenshelt found something in an antique store that was not only right up my alley.. but she could not have sent this amazing gift one minute too soon. It is a 100% wool wrap around long skirt with a Saddlebred appliqued on it!

SASHA was 3 days long, Friday through Sunday. I showed twice on Saturday and once on Sunday. Friday was a balmy and humid 85 degrees. Saturday it dropped to 43 and it was windy. BRRRRRRRR!

I carried this skirt around with me the rest of the show. If it was not around me, I was sharing it with a friend as we watched the classes.

Now I could stop right her and thank Joy again for my gift, but what made it even more special was that in this months issue of The National Horseman magazine, they featured Sally Jackson in an article. Sally has a long history with Saddlebred horses, but she also used to have a custom Saddlebred art booths at major horse shows...and look what she used to sell..

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Firefly said...

So glad it worked out well for the show. I just knew it was meant for you when I saw it.