Monday, January 9, 2012

The Start of Day 2.

Good Morning! I pray that you slept so well, you awoke feeling like this!

There is no big rush for you to get up right away.. take your time. Today's activities are going to start at 9AM, but they will continue throughout the day. You can participate, observe and spend time in the areas that most interest you! When you do meander out though, just stop by the kitchen and get a good hardy breakfast!

This mornings activities are centered more around others educating and entertaining us. So just wear something comfortable and casual like this. It tends to be a bit chilly and damp in the morning, so I suggest taking a jacket that you can later remove... and wear boots. You never know if one of the demonstrators might let you take a test ride on one of their horses!

I want to wear this!

At 9AM The Texas Ladies Aside group is going to do a drill in the outside arena for us and then they are going to give demonstrations of how they teach their horses to preform! You will also get a closer look at the Paso Fino breed since the group is mainly comprised of them. They are also very knowledgeable with Western style sidesaddles.

The local Historical Society has a wonderful reenactment group that will be here in full costume. They not only can answer in detail many questions about the history of sidesaddle, but also so much more about the daily lives of those living in that time period.

Rita Visman has agreed to join us - with her demonstration of hawking! I can't wait to meet her beautiful Andalusian.

..and I am so very thrilled that a small group of ladies from the rassemblement international des amazo will be with us as well. Do NOT forget your cameras ladies! Here is an exceptional treat for the ladies who either currently hunt, or hope to one day!

A later lunch is planned at 2PM back at the house. This is a special luncheon for not only us, but for all of the ladies you just met! It will give you a chance to relax and enjoy a more intimate setting to visit.


Anonymous said...

I never comment on blogs, altho I read a few and read yours regularly, but...I had to tell you how much I am enjoying your(my) fantasy weekend. Thank you for putting it together and sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

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