Friday, January 6, 2012

Back To the House..

It is just a few minutes after 5PM. You will have ample time to relax, bathe and even take a nap before the formal dinner..

..which is not scheduled until 8PM. Take your time. Indulge in one of the many bath salts and oils that are stocked beside your tubs!

Please check your evening dresses. If they need to be pressed or you need any help with dressing, just ask Annya. She is the kindest dear, and is more than happy to help you!

Adjacent to each bathroom is a dressing room that I hope you find comfortable!

Honestly, I have been so excited about this evening that I had a difficult time choosing a dress. Here are the 3 I chose between..
Although I just adore this dress, the train will be difficult to manage tonight, so it is a no for this one..

This is the dress I plan on wearing. It is chic, comfortable and just in case I spill something on it.. well - it is WHITE, and I can be a bit of a klutz sometimes...

..this dress will be on standby for me!

Welcome to the Formal Dining Room. Here it is in the day light.

..and here is a snap shot of another get together we recently had in the evening.

I pray that you are famished. I am! I chose the courses myself. Here is a sampling:

Our Main Course is a Crown Roast of Pork:If you are a Vegetarian, please do not fret, we have several options for you that I am sure you will be pleased with!

Main Side Vegetable is Steamed Asparagus:

Bernard, the chef is preparing his famous melt in your mouth rose dinner rolls:

Wonderful Brie and Fruit Platters:

..and the wine I chose to accompany the Pork is a Beaujolais.

I hope you like my very favorite wine poached pears! Delicious!!

Although soft classical music will be playing in the background.. I expect to hardly hear it over the splashes of laughter and interesting conversations. We still have so much to learn about each other!

Following dinner, we can retreat to the library..

..for a spot of Sherry and some Belgium Chocolates.

The time is getting away from us. It is now after midnight and we have so much planned for our next day! We shall all meet in the drawing room tomorrow morning at 9AM sharp!

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Anonymous said...

I continue to enjoy this dream week end and every delicious bite of the extravegance of it all.