Tuesday, January 10, 2012

...And More...

As the morning activities and demonstrations come to a close and we all start to head back to the house for lunch... look what starts to happen. It is not raining hard, but a light sprinkling starts to fall.. At first I feel disappointed until I realize that as long as it does not pour down, the rain will act as a heat shield and keep things even more comfortable for the afternoon activities! We all head in to get cleaned up and changed for lunch.

Our luncheon is planned for outside today, but thankfully it is covered.

I ran upstairs and changed into this comfy sun dress and sandals.

Sometimes you can just look into someones face and know that they are truly enjoying their day...It is everything I could have hoped for!

I feel myself squirming in my seat.. you see, I have a surprise planned for this afternoon that none of you know about.. and as we all raise a glass of champagne to toast our guests...

I get to introduce you to a few more guests we have to educate us this very afternoon!

First my good friend Lillian Chaudhary! Lillian is not only an accomplished sidesaddle rider, certified sidesaddle instructor, but one of only a handful of certified sidesaddle restorers. She even builds saddles from the tree up! Don't tell her, but if I lived closer to her.. I would beg her to take me on as an understudy!

My next surprise guest is Karen Trevor. Karen is a master corset maker.. specializing in riding corsets. Trust me when I tell you that I no longer ride without my corset...nor will I ever!!! Yes - it makes that much of a difference!Karen is going to show us her designs and will be happy to take your order if you are interested!

..and the next guest is Cindy Westbroek from Wildhorse Fashion. Okay - Cindy is shy and I do not have a picture of her to share with you... but let me say she is not only a sidesaddle rider, but a wonderful costume designer. All I have done is send her a picture of what I wanted... and she has been able to create it for me! She is a dream to work with and we all LOVE fashion..

..and since it is a bit wet outside, we will continue on with the afternoon activities in the solarium. There should be more than enough room to be comfortable there..

(Are you having fun.. or do you think I have gone off of the deep end? Ha ha.. I thought this would be a great January activity for my blog since January is .. well January.. The holidays are past.. the weather is a bit unagreeable and at least for me, my next show is not until early March.. unless I can find a schooling show.. so I have created a super fantasy "happy place" for us all to enjoy. Hope you enjoy it.)


Candy'sGirl said...

I like the happy place! I'm enjoying all the gorgeous photos! If only....

Julie said...

I am only 1 Mega ball winning lottery ticket away from hosting this very weekend!

Angelina said...

If you were to host this weekend, I would drive from Colorado for it! All riding clinics should be this fun and relaxing. I love the stirrup wine bottle holders