Monday, January 23, 2012

Now That Is a Saddle Pad!

I know I said I was going to start posting at night .. but I totally forgot that this evening, after work, I am going to get my hair done.. so I won't get home until really late.. so here is a small post I have wanted to do for a while.

Look at this amazing saddle pad. I know it is just a depiction in a artists piece of work.. but I thought it deserved merit. I think it is really BEAUTIFUL!I use a saddle pad.. if for nothing else to protect my saddle. I use a longer solid black dressage pad. Do you use a saddle pad with your sidesaddle and if so, what kind works for you and your horse?


scaequestrian said...

I have had to make my own, my saddle has a 23" seat so even a long dressage pad is not enough. I used some quilted material from the fabric store and covered it with ultrasuede type fabric. I also made another one for SCA use that is quilted fabric covered with sari fabric and it has tasseled trim.

Claire said...

I use a saddle pad with my side saddle, but it took a while to find one which:
1) is long enough
2) is quite thin
3) is not too wide so I can use my stick efficiently on the right side.
The one pictured on the drawing is beautiful indeed. I like the 'spike' rear corner.

Michelle said...

I just sew my own because they're always too big or too small and kinda take away from the look of the saddle if they're too big.
Just got some quilted material and cut it to fit the saddle's shape, put a bias type edging on it and some straps with velcro to keep it in place and voila! Nice sidesaddle-pad!