Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Linzay Marks

Linzay Marks is a portrait artist and does commissions. Here is the piece that caught my attention...can't imagine why!
When I contacted Linzay and asked her to tell us a little bit about herself, this is what she shared:

"I am 21 years old from Kentucky and I grew up on thoroughbred farms. I went to LSU and majored in Advertising and have a minor in Fine Art. I have drawn pretty much since I can remember. I have always preferred to draw horses. In high school there were times when I wasn't allowed to draw horses, because that was all I would draw, in the long run it was a good thing, but was miserable at the time. Drawing horses are my favorite, but I have started working on the figure quite a bit to help place believable people in pictures with the horses. I also enjoy drawing dogs and cattle. Polo is my favorite subject, but I am starting to get into fox hunting. I also like drawing/painting dressage and racing. Some artists I admire are Andre Pater, Melinda Brewer, Rosa Bonheur and Sir Alfred Munnings.

I have two horses, both thoroughbreds, The Cheat and Punch. I ride dressage, or attempt to. I have sort of tried my hand a everything since I was little: just riding, barrel racing, hunter jumpers, I was a polo groom for a summer. I don't have the hand eye coordination for polo, so I'll stick with drawing it. Both of my parents grew up around horses, my Dad used to play polo and my Mom's family had running quarter horses and a bush track in Louisiana.

Besides riding and art I like to read and I love LSU and Saints football.

Here are just a few more of Linzay's works of art:

You can find Linzay on Facebook or if you would like to contact her about doing a commissioned work of your horse, you can contact her at linzay.marks@gmail.com

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Claire said...

Waouh, it's so beautiful! I love it.