Friday, October 21, 2011

Just For Fun Friday!

Nobody ever said it HAD to be on a horse! Have a wonderful weekend!!!


The Village Queen said...

Hi Julie, been reading your blog for a while, grew up with horses and always thought sidesaddle was so cool and elegant. Never had a chance to try it and dont ride anymore so Ive been enjoying your journey from a distance. Now when ever I see sidesaddle pics or whatnot I think of you. This blog is a UK book seller of vintage horse stuff, and you know the UK is way more horse mad than the US so more to find. Anyway saw this post today and thought of you again. Amazing photo of vintage rider jumping a huge brook sidesaddle. And I think shes selling it, anyway have a look. Thanks for sharing your wonderful horse life.

Julie said...

TVQ - thank you so much for the head's up. On my way over to that blog to check it out!