Friday, April 15, 2011

Just For Fun...

Okay - so while I was searching for an answer to what the ornament was on the delicate ladies horse hoof crop.. I ran across a few (ahem) interesting items that are for sale.

I rather like this one. It is a 36" long cane that could easily be used for a riding cane. The hoof is a bit real looking, especially the underside of it.. but it still has character and function. Too bad the price is over $150.00

But then I wandered over to the dark side. Gulp... this is an ink well made from a real horses hoof.

And I have to ask you....does this one creep you out? I think it is the hair that makes me grimace!

Ewwwweee - and I thought rabbits feet were gross! This is a deer hoof.

Hurry ~ Quick.. let's go and look at something nice again....

These candle holders have hoof legs!

..and this is a beautiful antique pencil with the 'horse leg' design.

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