Friday, April 15, 2011

Looking Forward to the Weekend!

My youngest daughter and I are having a garage sale at her house on Saturday. I am going to take Annie with me - one of our Corgi's that has recently been introduced to a doggie wheelchair. I am hoping that Joy's dogs will encourage her to use the chair more. Right now the most Annie does is take 10 steps before laying down. Then on Sunday, I have another riding lesson!! If I remember, I will take my camera so someone watching can snap a few shots.

Next week I have a local artist that I am going to interview. She does some beautiful Primitive Folk Art and rolls her horse passion over into her work. I think you will enjoy it.

It looks like I will be volunteering at Frontier Day in San Angelo Texas in 2 weeks. I will be talking to you about that.. plans and ideas and such! Very excited!! Could not have been more perfect timing too. I cannot take a riding lesson that weekend since the barn will be in Dallas for Big D horse show!

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