Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Love Unique!

I am sure you know by now how much I love unique and hand made items... especially if they are also antiques!

Take a look at this:

This crop was sold on e-bay for over $200.00. It was marketed as a very delicate ladies sidesaddle crop..(translates to fragile and short.. too short to be a functional sidesaddle crop)

I will be the first one to notice how unique, interesting and old it is...after all, that is what caught my eye... but something too was just not right about it. Looking just a bit closer, it seemed as though the small hoof had been added later, and with the crop being as delicate as it is (looks larger in the picture), I wondered and started searching.

I make my own unique riding canes for myself, not to sell. I buy a bamboo or wooden cane and add some kind of bobble at the top for 2 reasons, decoration and function as I like a topper that is large enough to keep the cane from slipping in my hand. It was by that experience that led me to discover the mystery of this riding crop.. the horse leg is actually an antique men's watch fob ... added to a very fine piece of wood fashioned to look like a riding crop. Beautiful - yes.. Functional... I doubt it.

I love E-bay!

Oh yeah... here is the 'hoof' in its origonal state as a watch fob:


Marilyn said...

Good eye! Ebay is fun but many sellers aren't very familiar with what they sell so buyer beware.

SmartAlex said...

I saw that on ebay, and I couldn't decide if it was cool or creapy.

Julie said...

Tiffany wrote
"Couldn't comment on your log but though you might like to consider what the uses that a gentleman might have for a hoofshaped fob. I rather suspect it's a pipe tobacco tamper!"

Thought I would include this from a face book comment I received!

Thanks Tiffany

Unknown said...

I have a crop wth a hoof as in the second photo. The third photo looks a little different to me.