Tuesday, May 25, 2010

29. Ruth Riegel

I have been riding sidesaddle since early 1987, when I attended one of the first sidesaddle clinics held by the Texas Ladies Aside, a group still going strong in central Texas. This group is a drill team that rides only Peruvian Horses sidesaddle (in performance!). With that group, I have been lucky enough to perform at the National Horse Show in Lima, to ride in the Pasadena Rose Parade twice, in the San Antonio Battle of Flowers Parade many times, at the Calgary Stampede Equidance, and in other parades, drill exhibitions, and competitions around the country. I wa also lucky enough to ride in the 2009 Obama Inaugural Parade sidesaddle with the Southern Ohio Ladies Aside, and in the Milwaukee Circus Parade with the Elegant Equestriennes. I'm trying to get a tiny gaited drill team (or at least a parade unit!) going here in central Illinois where I now live, but progress, for various reasons, has been slow. But a fun goal to reach for.
The picture is from a few years ago (maybe 1993?) on my old gelding Mesada after winning a parade class at a show in Texas. Sadly, he departed last October, nearly making it to age 29.

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