Friday, January 8, 2010

I Love Men...

So now that I have your attention! I was tired of posting about I thought I would do a Fun Friday!

Anyway back to men... They are quirky little creatures and usually not all that difficult to figure out. I would imagine this to be the guy pin-up equivalent to Brad Pitt. I don't seem to tire of looking at him!

My Father used to tell me that women had all the power, but just did not realize it. He also added that if we knew how much power we possessed over men...that we would never dress so scantly as we do. I understand that now. If you don't, then just look at this picture. This woman is covered from head to toe and is just oozing with sexuality. Okay - even if I was describing this woman, I would use words like elegant, refined and looking smart in attire...but isn't all that wrapped into one stunning visual!


sunvalleysally said...

If you liked that artist concept of the Corinthian gentleman you would LOVE the great descriptions of all sorts of gentlemen in the Georgette Heyer novels (purely lovely froth and re-readable fordarnever). After reading some of the descriptions which included things like "had a pair of shoulders that were the envy of his tailor" and assorted encomiums, I had to go buy a raft of historical costuming books and see for myself. The truly peacocky attire for gentlemen was somewhat before the era of your featured drawing although by that same era there were still "Macaronis" and of course the usual run of dandies and fops.

Julie said...

LOL! That was beautiful!! What a shame that finding a beautifully festooned peacock today...usually yields little in the way of satisfaction... ahem..

sidesaddle rider said...

"...satisfaction." hee hee
When I come to visit here I often feel like I'm wearing my Sunday best and having tea with the ladies.

Totally off topic. I've seen this picture before and always wondered if the rider had lousy hands, if the artist didn't have a clue as to proper tack fit and/or if the poor horse had to wear the bridle like that.
But look at the ribbon on the brow band. Isn't that just the prettiest thing? It's too bad we don't adorn our horses like that today.

sunvalleysally said...

Sidesaddlerider, I also mourn the passing of bridle rosettes as decoration. I believe I posted on SBR that if anyone comes across a bridle rosette (esp a pair) featuring saddlebreds, please e-mail me, I won't be able to help myself from trying to buy them.

I don't like the modern attempts at "decoration" where some rather icky things have been added to (fav example) dressage bridles though I do love that for other disciplines there are more colors available now than in the past for browbands and sets.

We need to remember too the really wonderful strap goods that comprised horse harness and bridles (and saddles too), which were made of hand-curried leather and soft as those gloves Julie loves and fitted horses (usually) very well, and sported real buckles instead of (horrors) Chicago screws and pot-metal fasteners. I think of those wonderful old bridles and harnesses as almost decoration in and of themselves because of the care that went into making them.

Have to relate a brief tale of peacocky males though not of the extreme "macaronis and fops" types. When in college my off- campus residence was in an apt bldg of all straight women and all gay men. This was wonderful because we had all of the eye candy we could handle -- they were all excessively handsome and flawlessly groomed and to borrow an equestrian phrase flawlessly "turned out." And what we didn't have to worry about handling was any hassling esp. around the pool in, ah, summer attire. Everyone could admire everyone else for their sheer beauty but there were, simply by virtue of "preference," no "issues."

Julie said...

ha ha - my 'satisfaction' comment was hardly lady-like!

Ashleigh said...

I love ribbon rosettes on bridles. I've tried searching on the internet to find things like that, and I've come across some truly ridiculous things- rosette browbands entirely composed of swarovski crystal for example (I'll admit, they're pretty and I look at them and cant help but go "OOOH SPARKLY!" but they just dont have the class and simple elegance that ribbon rosettes do).

Here are some links on how to make browband rosettes/ribbon covered browbands for those of you craft folk out there:
(For Rosettes. Use any ribbon you like and just insert whatever center button you like!)
(For a Checkerboard Browband.)
(For a Sharktooth Browband)

Sydney said...

Hahah what a great post.

phaedra96 said...

I looooove Georgette Heyer and periodically read all her books again. They are becoming so hard to find....our library is small and does not keep books that are not read all the some of the trashy novels written nowadays. Hate them. I was kinda wondering what was going on with that bridle. Maybe the horse needed alot of stop!