Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fox Riding Cane

Since I don't hunt, I would not use a cane like this, but that does not stop me from appreciating it's intricate beauty and design!

I love foxes ...but I think it has more to do with my passion for this kind of dog!
I love my 5 (yes I typed that right ...FIVE) Corgi's!


sunvalleysally said...

Julie, you might consider "hilltopping" as an invitee of a hunt (if you have any friends who are members of a hunt who might extend an invitation). No jumping required, it's just a lovely ride with a view of all the activities which have an old and honorable tradition. FYI, many if not most hunts these days are so-called "drag" hunts because Msr. Reynard (le fox) is not himself hunted but instead only a reasonable facsimile of fox scent, which is laid out on the ground ("dragged") very early in the morning to give hounds a good chance to work the scent. Actually, most people who love riding to hounds do so because not only do they want to be out and about on their horses in a like-minded group of people, but they also really love watching hounds work. In addition to the faux scent hunts, out west you will also find some hunts go after coyote, which some people feel are a worse "varmint" than foxes ever were.

Hilltopping sometimes includes participants who drive horses to carriages as well.

So don't think that because you don't jump or have a regulation hunt outfit that you can't participate in this lovely historical tradition.

Some ladies turn out for opening day/blessing of the hounds in formal sidesaddle attire. Quite a sight!

Love those Corgis with little fox ears!

Killi said...

I don't have any Corgis, but I do have quite a pack ~ I have 3 dogs, my daughter has 3 (guess who looks after them!) & we were landed with 2 when a visitor left, leaving her dogs behind, then went off to Spain! In age order, eldest first we have: Pireni a Beddy (mine), Twilight a Field Spaniel (HP), Midnight RippleBack a Long Dog (HP), Chut'Chut' (mine), Cornflake & OT (abandonned)Beddy/BC crosses, Skoryy Davidevitch Lovok (with his own blog!) a Russkay Psovaya Borzaya (mine)& a tiny 7 week old Lurcher pup (HP). Actually the tiny pup isn't that tiny really compared to her siblings, but is small compared to my big boy who is about 4hh!