Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Riding Skills...Hers Not Mine!

Remember these pictures?

This is me riding a very young feisty gelding on a very cold and windy day.

This is NOT the horse I am going to use for riding aside (at least not for several years!) but it got me to wondering how you would handle a situation like this if you were in a sidesaddle.

...and look what I found!

These photos are from a Polish sidesaddle club and the text was written in (I assume) Polish as well so I am not sure if this was intentional or not.

..but either way, she sure was composed!


sidesaddle rider said...

Believe it or not you would have a much easier time staying on your "problem child" with your sidesaddle. Once you clamp onto those horns it's pretty hard to be dislodged.
Can't be sure from your pics, but it looks like your cutback is a flat seat. For those not familiar with a cutback, when I say flat seat I mean F-L-A-T, only barely dipped compared to a sidesaddle. You did a unbelievable job sticking to that saddle. Twice in my riding career I've slid off the back of a cutback just walking uphill!

Michelle said...

Ohmigosh! Kinda scary but she still looks great...outfit and all. Lol!

Hosanna said...

At the sidesaddle clinic I went to, the instructor said it is easier to stay on a sidesaddle; that you simply clamp your legs around those horns and let the horse buck away. A rider in the clinic was riding a green horse and it threw a bit of a fit when asked to canter and I can tell you, the rider wasn't going anywhere. Said she breaks all horses in sidesaddle; she feels safer.I wouldn't know.

Clairinette said...

Just a short word on the pictures from the Polish blog. These pictures were taken during an International Sidesaddle show in France. The mare have been taken in rent for one part of the show (elegance I think) but the rider hasn't warmed the mare enough and the horse has shown her disapproval.
As I know this mare, I assure you that she is not a dangerous horse or anything; she just needs to be asked politely and gentle. Lol