Friday, May 8, 2009

Putting Together My First Sidesaddle Suit!

Here is the basic pattern we are using. It is a historical reproduction..but will need to be modified. For one, the jacket must be longer and have a split down the back like a saddleseat suit.

Here is a swatch of the fabric we are using and 2 pair of gloves I purchased at an antique store! The fabric is actually an upholstery fabric with a linen look to it. I LOVE the way this fabric looks, feels and mostly - it moves! As for the gloves..the cream colored ones are fabric, not leather so they will be easier to clean and the crocheted ones are just stunning! I did not know until after I purchased them (Thank you Pam for telling me this) that crocheted gloves were worn by ladies if it was raining so the reins would not slip through their hands!

I purchased a plain sidesaddle bamboo cane. It is 31" long, but very I am seriously thinking about buying a decorative topper for it. I also like the idea of having a topper so that I do not accidentally drop the cane.

...and I know what you all will say....these boots are not riding boots - they are dangerous...but ohhhh soooo Victorian!

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