Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hinting Around For Christmas Gifts??

Do you do it?  I used to, but it was a hit and miss kind of system... Here are some examples:

What I asked for:  A plush long warm robe.
What I received:  A robe from the womans department that was so huge - it could easily have doubled as a tent!

What I asked for: Casual riding clothes (not for showing) to use around the farm.
What I received:  A bibbed ski suit.... he thought they were warm overalls..

What I asked for:  A casual watch.
What I received:  A plastic Timex.

Okay - clearly this was not working...ha ha.  I'll give him this - he tried! 
From then on, I just wrote him out a long list that he could choose from.  I not only gave a detailed desctiption - but the store, store address or web site, the item number and full sizing information and sometimes I printed off a picture!  Then he could go through it and pick out what he wanted to get.  My Christmas gifts have been perfect from then on!
Anyway - I found a few really cute things on the internet that I wanted to show you:   
Now this is a new twist on rubber boots!!


Kaede said...

I'm always grateful for what ever my family decides to give me. I've gotten snakes, tarantulas, bird feeders, power tools, Egyptian Spiny mice, Worm composter complete with worms, and I've loved them all. The gifts were selected with love and thoughtfulness. Thats what they were REALLY giving me, a physical representation of their love. Who cares what the real item is.

Julie said...

I guess I did not position my post well enough - it was done in gest. I love my dear husband with all of my heart and appreciate every effort he makes to bless me!