Monday, November 11, 2013

Misc. Items!

A while ago, I stored some sidesaddle information and pictures for later publishing by sending said information to myself in an e-mail.  Well - it is a mish-mash of pictures and information ... so instead of waiting to find a place to post it - I thought I would just show you some of it now.

Here is a modern piece of sidesaddle art I had never seen before by J. Jill:

Artist Joseph Kreutzinger 1757 - 1829 - painting of Marie Antoinette

I love this next painting - thanks to Jen - I now know that it is called Woman in a Riding Habit (L'Amazone) by Gustave Courbet
This last one is my favorite.  I could stare at this painting for hours.

Diana Vernon (from the novel 'Rob Roy', 1817) is shown as a heroine, wearing a ladies riding habit. The cousin of the novel's hero, Frank Osbaldistone, whom she eventually marries, Di Vernon is a beautiful, high-spirited, fox-hunting, horse-riding Amazon upon whom, she tells Frank, "compliments are entirely lost".
"I am a girl, and not a young fellow, and would be shut up in a madhouse if I did half the things I have a mind to…"
Her "frank and unreserved disposition" and "smooth brow", however, hide an "aching heart" and a set of Jacobite and Catholic intrigues - "such a series of nets, and toils, and entanglements, that I dare hardly speak a word for fear of consequences…" True to her nature, and unlike many of Scott's heroines, Di does actively participate in the adventures of the novel.


Jen said...

The piece you have no information on is Woman in a Riding Habit (L'Amazone) by Gustave Courbet. You can find it at the The Met.

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