Monday, November 11, 2013

Misc. Items!

A while ago, I stored some sidesaddle information and pictures for later publishing by sending said information to myself in an e-mail.  Well - it is a mish-mash of pictures and information ... so instead of waiting to find a place to post it - I thought I would just show you some of it now.

Here is a modern piece of sidesaddle art I had never seen before by J. Jill:

Artist Joseph Kreutzinger 1757 - 1829 - painting of Marie Antoinette

I love this next painting - thanks to Jen - I now know that it is called Woman in a Riding Habit (L'Amazone) by Gustave Courbet
This last one is my favorite.  I could stare at this painting for hours.

Diana Vernon (from the novel 'Rob Roy', 1817) is shown as a heroine, wearing a ladies riding habit. The cousin of the novel's hero, Frank Osbaldistone, whom she eventually marries, Di Vernon is a beautiful, high-spirited, fox-hunting, horse-riding Amazon upon whom, she tells Frank, "compliments are entirely lost".
"I am a girl, and not a young fellow, and would be shut up in a madhouse if I did half the things I have a mind to…"
Her "frank and unreserved disposition" and "smooth brow", however, hide an "aching heart" and a set of Jacobite and Catholic intrigues - "such a series of nets, and toils, and entanglements, that I dare hardly speak a word for fear of consequences…" True to her nature, and unlike many of Scott's heroines, Di does actively participate in the adventures of the novel.


Jon & Jen said...

The piece you have no information on is Woman in a Riding Habit (L'Amazone) by Gustave Courbet. You can find it at the The Met.

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