Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall Fest Horse Show - Part 2

My Turn.  I showed later that evening and Connie Blue was so kind to help me with my hair.

..and then helped to get me in order after I mounted.  What a sweet person she is!!!

This was an evening class and Joy was taking pictures and had the camera set for sport photo mode.
..what she did not know, is that setting works best for an outdoor setting - so what resulted were some interesting pictures .. and at first she was very disappointed - until we took a  closer look at the shots ..

They turned out amazing ..

..each looking a bit more artistic than the last...

some almost appearing to be water color paintings!

I was thrilled!!!

 You see - I ended up being the one and only rider with a Park Horse at this show...
 so I was out there all by my lonesome...

which is not a bad thing ...because evidenced by the next photo..
I SERIOUSLY need all the show ring practice I can get!

..and the ribbons and trophies were pretty cool too! 



RiderWriter said...

Lovely! Sport is just sooo handsome, and I love your evening saddle suit.

You Saddlebred folks do get all the pretty ribbons... the H/J crowd just doesn't have that down. ;-)

Rodney's Saga said...

That first picture looks SO familiar. I think I have worn more make-up & hairspray this year than I have in the rest of my life.

Love the sport photo mode. I'll have to see if my camera has that.