Monday, August 5, 2013

Riding Gloves

When I show, I prefer to use vintage gloves.  That is what our post is about today. 
Now, I am not saying that such delicate gloves should be used for practice, clinics or for a hunt, but when showing or exhibiting at a horse show, the time you are up is usually limited ~ and the extra details you can find on vintage gloves cannot compare to the modern day store bought ones.

I have also found that after a ride or exhibit, people will follow me back to the stalling area to ask question.  It is at that time, they get a very close look at exactly what I am wearing.

I even own cotton crochet gloves, like the ones in the below picture and have used them if it is raining.  I will admit, I was surprized at how strong and functional they were!

Gloves are not a part of our modern culture as they were a half century ago, so I had to study up a bit with the help of a few old books found on e-bay.

This I found most interesting - a size chart for gloves.  This helped me when I bought gloves off of E-bay.
and the books addressed the importance of storing gloves - always keeping them flat and never folded.

Glove boxes were ideal for keeping gloves safe.

.. as an example - I wanted to show you a pair of my gloves.  These grey gloves were purchased off of Ebay for $15.00.  New - either fashion or riding gloves would have cost me in excess of $40.00. 
 They fit my hands perfectly and made for an exceptional detail when worn with the grey pinstripe vintage pattern riding habit!  Do you see the way the color of the suit just flows down my arm and into my hands without interruption?   I like that look.

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