Monday, June 3, 2013

So Many Updates..

Well, I have not been posting much on my blog recently, not because there has not been anything happening; but because what has been happening has not really had to do with riding sidesaddle.  It does not mean that things are not moving forward in the "whole" journey, but since this blog was suppose to be about riding aside, well... most of what I have to post about currently is about up and coming horses not currently or not yet being ridden sidesaddle.  So with that here we go:


Sport is still in full time training with Tommy Benton.  He is still only being ridden 3 gaits and competing in the Park Pleasure division.  I rode him at TASHA and we won both the qualifier and the championship classes.  My first championship win EVER!  So cool that is was with a horse I bred and raised!!   Next show for Sport is in Chattanooga, TN. with Tommy riding.  He is still quite sensitive in the mouth and when we were warming up, I was asking for the canter.  I must have grabbed him in the mouth, because he lurched forward in a mini rear.  Maybe by the end of the year, we can start working him as a 5 gaited horse again ...


Joy showed this stallion for the first time at TASHA as well.  He is not a finished horse and we have been working hard to keep him moving forward in the full bridle.  When we started, he would stop if you touched the curb bit instead of just lower his head.  Although we made great progress at home, he really fought her in the show ring.  He showed 2 times and we decided to send him back with Tommy as well.  He has not yet reached his potential and needs to be finished so we know where to show him.  We also made the very difficult decision to geld him.  He is a magnificent horse and although a part of me would love to see what he could produce.... the other 9 horses we own have first priority.  Rev just seemed quite distracted.  He was a perfect gentleman in the show ring, but if he is going to be trained and shown... we just need his full attention!

We went to visit him after only being with Tommy for 2 weeks and I could already see a difference.  Gelding surgery has yet to be scheduled.


He has become my practice sidesaddle horse here at home.  I thought about taking him to TASHA, but knew I would not be able to make the costume changes needed in good time.  I also wanted to focus my full attention on Sport.

"EDWARD"  don't know his registered name

Edward does not belong to us.  I brought him home from the TASHA show since Tommy was taking Rev back with him and did not have enough room on the horse trailer for both horses.  .... Try explaining THAT to a suspecting husband!!!  He was sent home with me on a free lease for Joy to ride as a practice horse.  He is a very big but sweet boy.  He is a slow picky eater that needs to gain some weight too... NOT a normal horse for our farm!!  5 seconds after he got here, he threw a shoe, so I will take some pictures soon and let you know more about him.


During the time Rev was at our farm, his presence threw every one of our mares in to full blown heat.  Among the mares flipping their tails, winking and peeing ... was a mare I bred late last summer.  We were expecting a foal in July,  but she obviously did not take.  A part of me was sad... but a tiny part was a bit relieved too.


Is now a 2 year old, but she is so small in stature that I am going to wait to send her off for training, maybe a whole year.


... are all pasture rats.... or as my husband likes to call them, YARD ART!

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