Friday, May 24, 2013

More TASHA Photos

One of TASHA benefactors is the American Heart Association.  Here is some of the great show decor.

My friend Erica did our hair and make up.

Ready to show - Joy and I.

I am challenged when it comes to tieing a tie... so Bill Marple helped me out and had me in stitches!

Here is our trainer Tommy Benton.  He looks so dashing on a horse..... and off!

Tractor Supply was a major sponsor of our show, so here we are doing some promo shots.  That is me armed with Fly Spray!

Joy (behind the camera) and her puppy Jax.

I will never forget this show.  It was not just the first show where I won a championship class, but I did it on my Sport - the horse I bred and raised!  Thank you Sandy and Tommy.

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Anonymous said...

My goodness girl you have a great seat and hands. I am impressed, you can ride. What a good job you did. And a fine horse too. It made my heart ache. I haven't been on a gaited horse since 1960 but i've never forgotten how great it feels. Thank you for taking the time to show off your skills. Ann