Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Ollie is Back!

After almost a year recovering from a terrible quarter crack that was all the way up to his hair line, my Ollie is back!!!  I gave Madison a lesson on him when she visited last.  Madison is my Grand Daughter who is 6 - a very small 6 year old and even when he was limping a bit, he never seemed to mind giving her a 15 minute lesson.

Anyway - with that last lesson, I noticed he was not limping at all - so after the lesson, I switched out saddles and gave him a try.  He was wonderful.  I called the farrier and had him put some plates on Ollie and last weekend, I rode him sidesaddle for the first time!  Yippie!!

I still think - just because he is an older boy, I need to get his hocks injected, but now I have a sidesaddle horse at the farm to practice on and even take to local shows!

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Lauren said...

Yay Ollie! Glad he is feeling better.