Sunday, February 24, 2013

I Love This..

Difficult does not mean evil, it just means that you may need to take more time with this horse or that that they need to learn how to trust you as much as you need the same from them.  Maybe it means that they have so much more power than what you are used to - thus being a bit more difficult to stay aboard... but no matter what the issue, once you get past it, there comes such a bond, words escape me...   

 I am getting ready to go and visit Sport.  It is the first time I get to see him since I left him with his new trainer.  We have a few issues to get past and until we can make some headway, I am sad to say that I will not be showing - at least not showing Sport.  I miss him terribly, but feel that he is where he needs to be and will do anything to get him back to his happy self.

On the upside, I have been riding Joy's horse Southern Revival, on the days she does not come out to the farm.  SHHHHHH!!!  Don't tell her - because honestly, I don't think she knows.  Ha ha .. Today I rode him in the round pen and we opened the gate, with me on his back.  It was a first.  Then we went riding on the back side of the property.  Oh - he is such a grand stallion!!  

Thank you Lord for bringing Revival into our lives!

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