Friday, December 14, 2012

Oh The Tables You Could Dress With These!

While I am not a typical fan of placemats, these 3 did catch my eye!

Oh what an elegant place card for an elegant table!
Pull your linen napkin from this...

..sip expresso or tea from these..

...and select a sweet treat from this...


I just love artistic things that lean into my passion for horses!


Nicole said...

Beautiful. I love the beautiful things you put on your blog. It gives my lots of ideas for decorating my own place. Thank you.

Nicole said...

One of the holiday traditions with my family is we watch the old movie Auntie Make with Rosalind Russel, and if there's enough time the Lucille Ball version Make. I don't know if you have ever watched them but they both have riding aside in them. They were my first introduction to riding aside. Beautiful costumes and tack. If you have never seen it you should.

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