Tuesday, December 18, 2012

News & Views!

First, I wanted to show you a cute group shot from the TASHA show.

Next, I wanted share a couple of really cool things with you:

My youngest daughter, Joy has decided to take part with our horses again.  She used to be a beautiful equitation rider, but when she went away to college and then got a job, bought a home ..etc. etc. etc.. there was neither the time or the money for her to do much in the way of riding.. well, part of that has changed.  Our first project is to pull one of the sweetest mares I own out of the back pasture and start working her again.  Her name is Swizzle Lynn.  She is a very well bred Saddlebred, who was so easy to train and accomodating, that she was completely broke in just 4 months.  I showed her for the very first time too.  She did not have much trot though, so I kept her as a fun horse and moved on to train another.  She has been living in the back pasture with our "No-Ride-Em" horses (retirees and lame)...but now, it is time to bring her back up to the front and get her ready to be our Grand Daughters horse.  After all, I want to make Madison's little dream come true!  (she made a number and taped it on her back ... like one she saw on me in a show photo!)

Our next project will have something to do with getting Joy back in ship riding shape and onto a horse she can show.

  Next - a little Christmas surprise that had to be spoiled... Don has been looking for an artist to paint one of our horses for me....well, we found one who specializes in Saddlebreds..and after sending her photos of me riding Sport in both video and still shots, Jeanne Newton Schoborg will be doing the portrait for us!  Here is just an example of her amazing work:


Nicole said...

How exciting for you and your family!

STB Eventer said...

Yay! And I love the painting and it made me do a triple take...that is Extreme Rites, my friend Paulette's three-gaited Saddlebred!! Small world! Glad you having a painting done as well.

BeBe said...

These are all great Christmas gifts for you this year!