Thursday, December 20, 2012

Any Artist's Out There?

When I was a child, like many of you I imagine, I had horse fever!  Because of this I would check out every single horse related book in the library, fawn over the homeliest pasture pony as if he was worth a million dollars and by the time I was 10, I could draw a descent picture of a horse - WITH MY EYES CLOSED!  HA HA.. I'll bet you guys were the same way... and if your parents did not lean into your horse fever, it just made it that much worse for you!

I'll let you in on a secret... My Father had just 2 questions for me when he was very ill, and one of them was if there was anything he could have done to quell my horse fever!  We had a big laugh over that one.  I assured him that he was no match for the Lord... because it was a passion instilled into me from my creation and was a large part of who I was, stretching far beyond my time spent with horses.  It taught me compassion, dicipline, perserverence and more than anything - how to handle all those "nay-sayers" in your life who constantly drone to you all the reasons you can't do something.  

Okay - back on track to what this post is really about - Art.  In my high school years, I took a couple of art classes and was better than I thought I would be....but still, all I wanted to draw was horses!  Who would have thought!!  I did not persue that interest... so when I see artists like Jeanne, who is doing the painting for us of Sport ... or the amazing painting I am going to post below, I think that maybe sometime in the future, I would enjoy persuing that interest again.  I only learned how to draw, never experienced painting of any kind.

This painting makes me want to learn!!


RiderWriter said...

Hahaha, I am really chuckling at what your dad said to you: my mother recently remarked, "I think I overdid it on the horse thing," relating to me. I had been nattering on about something equine-related or hanging up yet another piece of horsey art in my house. I said, "No, Mom, it's not your fault (although she is responsible for starting me riding). I was BORN this way and it's just a part of me!"

True horse people will ALWAYS be horse people, period. :-)

As far as art, I have a smidgen of talent myself - certainly better than those who can't draw a straight line, but nothing special. (Daughter and granddaughter of Fine Arts Majors, but my brother got the lion's share of the family talent in this generation) I love to draw, though, and you'll never guess what my favorite topic is... LOL. In fact, horses/horse parts are about the only things I can do from memory! I am a much better 'copier' than original artist. "Some day" I'd like to take a watercolor class as it fascinates me.

Angelina said...

That picture is beautiful! I think the horse thing is something that comes very natural. My Grandpa loved horses and my mom loved them but her siblings were terrified of them. Through all the anti-horse people I had one cousin who was obsessed. It's definitely something you're born with. Maybe it had something to do with the influence of my mom and I but I like to think we all inherited it from my grandpa.

Lauren said...

I was a huge art geek in high school, and just loved to paint animals - especially horses. One of my biggest regrets with that is I got side tracked by trying to be a "cool" artist to get into design school, and cool artists don't paint horses so say admissions people! I ended up not getting in at all, and the art I made never was as good as painting horses that I were truly passionate about.

Anonymous said...

The painting is indeed beautiful. I grew up drawing horses. I went on major in Art in college , with a teaching certificate. In college, we were rarely given the chance to paint anything we wanted, instead we painted the 'set up ' our professors made for us. We were after all learning techniques. I taught highschool art for 7 years , and during that time I started doing commissioned horse portraits. As soon as I get rid of the facebook bug that won't allow me to post photos to my account, I will notify you so you can see some of my work. It is 'photo-realism' style.