Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sunday's Ride On Sport

... so Sandy and Leslie have been working with Sport in the baby Weymouth bridle..or so that is what they call it.  Along with that, I was thrilled to have my Knoud sidesaddle back from Lillian to try out on him.

Welllll..... it was raining really hard Sunday morning and I tried to wait it out, but honestly after 30 minutes, I could hardly sit still!  I grabbed the Knoud saddle... the saddle pad.. the stirrup and stirrup leather which I had removed prior to shipping it out for repairs.  I grabbed my gloves, my cane and off I went ..... without my girth or balance strap!   AARRGGGHHHHH!

The grooms are amazing at Bluebonnet they used a saddle seat girth and something off of an old harness for the balance strap just so I could ride.  Trust me when I say it was not pretty.. in fact, it was actualy a bit difficult because the girth had elastic on one end.

First I rode Chippers.  He is such a great sport about it all.  With one sentence I can give you the whole picture... Chipper's is WAY too fat for my Knoud sidesaddle!

Sport, on the other hand is a bit more svelt.  The Knoud sat perfectly on his back...and I felt really good in this saddle too..albeit it was slipping to the left.  I believe it was because I did not have the correct girth and balance strap, but just in case, i will ride again next Sunday and compare with the right equipment.  I have a felt pad that can be easily inserted under the left panel if needed.. so we shall see.  And Sport.. well, he is starting to understand his new bridle a bit better.  He only flipped his head once during our whole ride and honestly, it was my fault.  I took ahold to quickly when adjusting my reins.

I wish I had a tack room full of sidesaddles to choose from.. but with what I do have, I need to have 2 that I can interchange easily that are both in working condition and that both the horse and I am comfortable with.  Inbetween the Owen and the Knoud, I think I have that recipe.

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