Monday, October 15, 2012

New Riding Suit!

I have tried many sidesaddle riding suits.  I have everything from the historic costume,

to the longer saddleseat jacket paired with an apron (my least favorite)

..a silk skirt combined with the saddle seat jacket and vest - which I found to be pretty - but quite bulky:

..and here is the outfit that almost ate the horse.. because the skirt was just too poofy...

..and then it happened.. I found what suited me.. and suited the type of horse I ride...

This was the first picture I saw of the suit that took my breath away!

I had Cindy from Wild Horse Fashion recreate it for me in a light weight wool, lined in grey cotton.. it was not too hot, not too bulky, not to big and flouncy...  It was taylored and elegant... just like Oliver .. and Jose.. and Chippers... and Sport!

Well, I love this suit so much, I had Cindy make me another one that will match Sport's beautiful bay color.  Please note, the following pictures make the wool fabric look much lighter in color than it actually is...and there is the most modest striping that runs through the fabric.

I can't wait to try it on!!!


gemma said...

My friend has a costume that I think was inspired by a Vanity Fair print of 1884 that also inspired the lady in the grey habit in your photo, which inspired you! (Julie - it's Kate E from the side saddle group on fb and I think its a 'public' photo in her album :) )

Julie said...

How cool - thanks for sharing that!!

SmartAlex said...

I love the detailing in the back.