Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oh Happy Day!!

My new sidesaddle suit arrived today in the mail!!!!   You know the package is special when it arrives so carefully wrapped like this...

I tried it on yesterday, without my corset.  Actually I was wearing one of those bras that helps make your chest look ...ahem.. well 'better'.. so I was not surprised that it was a bit snug in that area.  Everywhere else it fit like Cindy had done custom fittings on me.  I am so thrilled!

This is the actual antique pattern that my suit is closely modeled after:

..and here are a few photos of an antique riding suit that I believe was made from the above pattern:

One of my favorite features of these riding suits is the way the sleeves are made.  They really are cut for the arms to be forward, as your arms are when you ride a horse!

I promise I will get a picture of me in my new suit soon...

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Michelle said...

We want a picture of you IN your new suit!! Looks lovely! Is it a full skirt or is it an apron?