Thursday, October 25, 2012

Antique Cabinet Photos

I just love antique cabinet photos.  If I were to start a new sidesaddle realated collection, I know it would be one of these amazing photos! 
I know that they, as do our modern photos, show people at thier best, but still you do get a peek into their lives..

.and the lives of their equine friends since you know their best horses were chosen to be in the photos!

I am such a fashion buff too.  Most of the cabinet photos were taken between 1870 and 1920.  You can get a real sense of what they were wearing.  Just look at this next photo, look at the detail of the twist in the hat scarf and the jewelry too. 

Here is a photo I really wish there was more information on.  I would have thought it was a fake, but the horse type totally matches the late 1800's.  The riding suit is totally unique though isn't it.

Love love love this one of the young girl wearing a corset but with her hair unbound, dated 1880.


This next one, probably husband and wife, is dated 1885.

Now - here is a photo I love.  I want a stand up white collar like this!

This photo speaks volumes to me!  I wish she were my relative.

This one is 'newer' by the standards of cabinet photos. 

sigh... she is so elegant!


Crossing the Delebear said...

I *love* the husband and wife picture! I told DH that'll be us in a little while- he wasn't as amused but I think I'll turn him around.

Christine said...

Great photos - really interesting! And definitely sounds like a good topic for a new category ;)