Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Upcoming Events!

I can't believe it ... but I leave one week from today for the NTASHA - North Texas American Saddlebred Horse Association Show in Fort Worth Texas!!!  This will be the first time for me to show Sport!  Although he is a 5 gaited Saddlebred, I will only be showing him in a 3 gaited class called Park Pleasure.  I am going to ride him sidesaddle.  This way, I will get to experience showing him for the first time without the concern of moving through all 5 gaits.

Lillian completely rebuilt my broken Knoud sidesaddle and I am praying it gets here before I leave.  I hate going to a show without a back up sidesaddle.  Also, the Owen saddle needs to have a tweek here and there. I have ridden the Owen weekly without exception since I bought it and 2 of the keepers need to be reattached.  What a workhorse that Owen saddle is!!

In early November, I have been invited to participate in a reinactment in Beaumont, TX.  I will be doing this with others at Bluebonnet Farm, so I expect it to be nothing but FUN!

The first week of December is the TASHA show held closer to home, held in Katy, TX.  This is where I would love to present Sport in the 5-gaited class for the first time solely because of this shows atmosphere. It is a fun, relaxed show that is big enough to replicate the big show experience without being so large that you lose the family feel!

I will keep you updated.

Below are pictures of the inside of my Knoud sidesaddle with the broken tree.  The second picture shows the modern repairs partially done.

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