Saturday, September 1, 2012

So Excited!

My normal day to take a riding lesson is Sunday mornings.  I love that time because it is not as busy as Saturdays.  I don't just love to ride.. but love to spend time with the ladies who teach me!

Well Sandy, the head trainer at Bluebonnet Farms has been away for WEEKS.  This is the season for the most elite American Saddlebred shows, centered around Kentucky.  Not only has she been away showing Bluebonnet horses, and helping other clients show their horses, but Sandy is also a professional judge herself!  If my notes are right, she will be judging a show next weekend....but tomorrow I think she will be at the barn!

Over the last weeks, Leslie (the assistant trainer) who stayed at the farm to work the horses that did not go to the shows and give lessons to those of us who also stayed behind, has been there for me and Sport.  Leslie was thrown into my sidesaddle dream without notice. Poor girl has had to deal with all of my over the top exuberence while Sandy has been away. 

I need to learn a lot, but one thing has been to just get saddle time on Sport.  Every horse is unique - just as we all are.  That is basicaly what we have done too, get to know one another.  I trust Sport and I am gaining confidence so that when he is unsure of a situation, I am learning how to encourage him forward.

I can't wait to ride aside for Sandy tomorrow.  I think she will see some improvments and can give me tips on what I need to concentrate on in the next few weeks.

Welcome back Sandy!

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