Sunday, September 2, 2012

Almost Like an Audition...

It has been so many weeks since Sandy has seen me ride Sport sidesaddle, I was actually as nervous as I was excited to ride for her today!  Although far from being a finised rider, I felt like I had made big strides with Sport.. but only Sandy could confirm that for me. 

I mounted and he did his usual funny squat thing and then we proceeded to the riding arena to warm up.  After walking a few laps, I was instructed to trot. I kept his head positioned while keeping my hands quiet and kind in his mouth.  His motion is wonderful, but our goal today was a nice steady ride - never too fast  or unorganized.  This is relatively simple for me at the trot and canter... the slow gait and the rack are a different story though.

I have been riding the 3 gaits aside for 3 years now, but have only done the slow gait and rack starting with Sport for a very few months.  Funny - as I feel like I am in high school with the 3 basic gates but in kindergarten for the 4th and 5th gears!  Not sure how else to explain it.  I just don't yet have the balance and all of my aids working together yet.  I start out good... but it can fall apart soon after...

...more work needed .... LOTS MORE WORK!

Anyway - in steps in Rose.  Rose is my gaited practice horse at the farm.  She is a very good and willing girl and with her I can concentrate more on what I am doing than what she is doing...after all, she is such a veteran that she is a bit push button. 

Today, Leslie placed a crop in the crease of my arms, cross wise, where my elbows are, instructing me to slow gait Rose and keep the crop balanced on my arms.  I have a tendency when I slow gait to lift my left elbow..or my left "chicken wing" as Sandy calls it!  Ha Ha - I promise you, it looks as 'unelegant' as it sounds when I do it!!  That is a bad habit I need to dispurse of before I show Sport 5 gaited.

When my ride was over, without having to ask, Sandy told me that I had made a lot of improvements during the time she was gone!!!  I found myself jumping up and down as I squeeled, "Really?" I really 50???  because I do not feel 50.  I am such a kid at heart...

Now, I have saved the best news for last:

For the very first time, I am going to show Sport!  For the very first time, Sport will be shown in sidesaddle!  Since I am still not ready to show him in those last 2 gaites, I will be presenting him in a Pleasure class.  It will allow me to experience him in show horse mode in the 3 gaits I am totally comfortable with!  This event will take place the first weekend in October at the NTASHA show in Fort Worth, TX. at (pictured above) The Will Rogers Memorial Center in the W.RWatt Arena!!!!!!!!   Oh My Gosh.. just another step into my dream!!!

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Justaplainsam said...

I am so excited for you! Take LOTS of pictures!